How to Choose the Best Workout Wear

workout wear

The right workout wear can help you feel like a badass as you crush your workout routine. The right outfit will signal to your brain that you are ready to hit the gym, encouraging you to repeat the behavior over and over again until it becomes a habit.

Besides looking good, workout wear must meet several other criteria, including breathability and moisture management. The fabric of your exercise gear should also be considered, as different fabrics handle sweat and heat differently. Breathable, stretchy fabric is best for workouts, since it can move with your body. Moisture-wicking technology pulls sweat away from your body and evaporates, rather than soaking the fabric and leaving you feeling damp and uncomfortable.

Workout Wear 101: Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Fitness Attire

In addition, the right workout clothing will fit your body type and the style of exercise you want to do. Women might prefer loose, flowing outfits that show off their curves and muscles, while men might prefer tighter clothing to support their muscle movements. It’s important to include supportive undergarments, too. Women should look for a comfortable sports bra, and men should consider incorporating a protective cup into their fitness gear.

Finally, if your workout is outside, you should also consider the sun’s harmful UV rays. Some athletic-wear fabrics offer protection by blocking UV rays, so make sure to check the label for UPF ratings before choosing your workout wear. This Reebok jogger features soft, stretchy, non-see-through fabric and is made to wick sweat away from your skin during your workout. It’s a great option for outdoor activities, and it’s available in multiple colors to match your style.