Avoid Leaning Ladder Against Gutter

leaning ladder against gutter

Whether you’re cleaning the gutters or leaning ladder against gutter on some other home maintenance project, it’s essential to know how to use ladders safely. Sadly, many people do harm to themselves and their property by making common mistakes while using ladders. One of these mistakes is leaning a ladder against a gutter. This is not a good idea, because the gutter may not be strong enough to support the weight of a ladder. It’s also possible that the gutter could collapse under the pressure of a ladder, which can cause serious injury.

While older gutters may be sturdy, it’s important to examine them for signs of weakness or sag before leaning your ladder against them. Newer gutters are usually made of stronger materials, and they’re designed to withstand the weight of ladders.

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When you lean a ladder against a gutter, you’re risking dents, warping, scratches, and even structural damage to the gutters. In addition, the pressure from the ladder can damage the gutters by bending or breaking them.

If you’re going to lean a ladder against a gutter, be sure to use a ladder stabilizer to keep it from tipping over while you’re climbing. Also, be sure that the ground beneath the ladder is firm and clear of any obstacles. In addition, you should always use a ladder that’s taller than the gutter to ensure that it’s safe and secure.