Three Tips To Clean And Disinfect Your Home And Make It A Safe Place

This weekend has been one of the most homelike in memory. The #StayOnHome has been a simple but very clear, message that for days has become part of the lives of millions of people worldwide while fighting the expansion of the Coronavirus. Now, more than ever, it is key to make the house a safe and adequate place capable of welcoming us in the best possible way until the end of the emergency. 

The company has relied on its experts in domestic and industrial cleaning to come up with a list of tips to follow to help clean the house and remove any germs and bacteria. It is a process called “sanitization,” which means the simultaneous application of two steps: cleaning and disinfection of any surface.

Choosing the right products

Disposable products such as paper can be used, accompanied by equipment capable of emitting steam, since thermal shock allows the total elimination of pathogens. But also chemical products are suitable for cleaning up the environment, the choice of the right detergent depends on the type of dirt: to remove lime, for example, you must use products based on hydrochloric acid; for fat or fatty residues, it is advisable to use a product such as bleach or degreaser. Avoid mixing the two product categories, as there is a risk of poisoning.

Tissue sanitation

The experts’ advice in the case of removable and washable fabrics is to perform a machine wash at a temperature of at least 70 ° to ensure the elimination of viruses.

For fabrics and upholstery that cannot be machine washed, we recommend using steam equipment and vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter and a collection compartment, capable of filtering even the smallest particles.

Cleaning frequency

It is advisable to carry out the operations indicated by the experts daily. The last advice is to follow the main indications suggested by the WHO: use ethanol (alcohol) with at least a 75% concentration or chlorine products (common bleach) at 1%. If you cannot carry out these practices independently, the suggestion remains valid to trust the professionals in the sector, in possession of all the legal requirements and the specific equipment for this type of intervention.