Rosanna Osteopathy Clinic

Rosanna Osteopathy Clinic is a primary health care provider that is focused on treating the root cause of your problem. Our osteopathic practitioners are skilled at evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of hands on techniques. This allows us to identify important types of dysfunction and determine personalised treatment and management plans. We use standard medical, orthopaedic and special Osteopathic tests as well as a range of observation and palpation skills to assess the musculoskeletal system of the body including the bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues.

Back and neck pain are the most common complaints that we see. Our Osteopaths have a great deal of experience with these conditions and are able to provide gentle, effective treatments that help restore normal function. We are also able to assist with referral to other practitioners (including specialists) when indicated.

Supporting Your Body’s Balance: Visiting the Rosanna Osteopathy Clinic

Headaches are another complaint that we often see. It is important to understand the type of headache you are experiencing so that your osteopath can determine a more accurate and personalised treatment plan for you. For example, does your headache ache, throb or burn? What time of day does it tend to come on? What makes it better or worse?

Andrew Papaioannou graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor in Clinical Sciences and Masters of Osteopathy. He has a patient focussed approach and believes that establishing short and long-term goals, collaboration and empowerment are critical for patient outcomes. He enjoys working with people of all ages and has experience in treating a variety of conditions and injuries. Outside of work, he enjoys learning, weight training, watching Arsenal struggle in the Premier League and Collingwood in the AFL.