Pest Control Services in the Alexandria, Virginia, Area

The independent city of Pest Control Alexandria is located along the Potomac River in Virginia, about seven miles south of Washington DC. Its brick sidewalks and historic 18th and 19th-century buildings are a draw for visitors, but the population, infrastructure, and climate of Alexandria also make it a prime breeding ground for pests year round.

Fortunately, residents can depend on several reputable bug and pest control services to keep their properties free from invaders. But before you pick a company, learn more about the services offered and whether it has the experience to handle the pests you need help with. Checking online reviews, social media, and the company’s own website should give you an idea of how long it’s been in business and its level of expertise with particular pests.

Your Trusted Partner in Pest Control for Alexandria Community

Rodents are common in the Alexandria area, and they can cause serious damage to homes, as well as spread diseases to people and pets. Pest control companies can help with rodent infestations by trapping and poisoning. In addition, they can advise on pest-proofing measures such as removing easy-to-reach food sources and sealing gaps around doors and windows.

Termites are another major problem in Alexandria, and the best way to find out if you have them is to call an experienced termite exterminator. Look for telltale signs such as rustling noises, wood shavings at the base of your home’s foundation, and tunnels under the soil. A qualified termite exterminator will offer treatment options including baits, liquid treatments, and termite tenting and fumigation services.