LLQP Courses For Financial and Insurance Professionals

PNC Learning LLQP allow financial and insurance professionals to offer life insurance-based solutions that they wouldn’t be able to present if they were only licensed for Accident and Sickness (A&S). They also enable these individuals to become a valuable partner in their clients’ plans for their future.

In order to write the LLQP provincial exam, candidates must pass all four module exams with a minimum mark of 60%. The module exam process consists of multiple-choice questions with four answers per question. The exam writers are given one hour and fifteen minutes to write each of the modules and are required to fill in a scantron sheet at the end of each session. There are regular LLQP provincial exam writes held in major Canadian centres on a weekly basis, with smaller centres hosting exams on a less frequent basis.

Unlocking Opportunities: How LLQP Courses Can Elevate Your Insurance Career

To prepare for the LLQP provincial exam, candidates are encouraged to read through a number of different resources and take as many practice quizzes as possible. Tutoring is also available from a variety of private providers. Once a candidate has successfully passed their LLQP course, they must register with the Canadian Insurance Producer Registry (CIPR) and have their success recorded.

A candidate’s LLQP prerequisite course completion certificate is valid for one year. If a candidate fails a module exam, they can rewrite it within a three-month period. The rewrite fees for the module exam are separate from the fee charged for the LLQP course.