Landscaping: What Type Of Garden To Choose From?

Deciding to entrust your garden landscaping to a landscape professional is to ensure a result that meets your expectations. Type of garden desired, maintenance, plants, equipment. Landscaping Austin tx takes stock of the questions to be asked upstream to make your garden project a success.

The garden or terrace should resemble its owners. All the questions we ask owners at landscaping Austin tx must allow them to define their project in order to adapt perfectly to their tastes and expectations, and in town and in the countryside, desires may differ. Some people, particularly in the region, may dream of a country-style garden, a garden with the air of the countryside in the city. It will be rather unstructured, with a lot of flowers.

In another style, the contemporary garden consists of very graphic plants, for example, grasses, and uses a reduced plant palette, with only 5 or 6 plants. It makes extensive use of mineral decoration with decorative black and gray pebbles and even spheres, i.e., marble balls, placed on white pebbles, to create a beautiful contrast. Finally, you may also want a more classic ‘French-style’ garden, which will be very structured thanks to hedges and beds.

Plants adapted to the terrain

Mulching bed around the house and bushes, wheel barrel along with a showel.

There is what you want to do … but also what you can do depending on the ground or the exposure of your outdoor space. Soil analysis is essential. Depending on the region in which you are located, on limestone or clay soil, you will not plant the same plants.”

Likewise, some Mediterranean plants that do not like waterlogged soils are not recommended in clay soils. Climate and exposure also play an important role in the choice of plants.

Think about his way of living your garden

The garden or patio has become the fifth room in the house, and the way you live will influence the landscaping. Should there be a patio or rest areas, do you want a superb ceremonial lawn? A table for lunch with family or friends? A barbecue area?

It is also important to know if the family has children, especially at a young age. If so, we will, of course, avoid toxic plants if ingested, such as oleander or low stinging plants like cacti or yucca rostrata.

In urban areas, the question of vis à vis owners who intend to preserve their intimate space is also often raised. Various solutions are then possible, starting with hedges, but rather than traditional cedar hedges, which require a lot of maintenance, we at landscaping Austin tx prefer to recommend country hedges. Composed of several species, there is always one that is flowered for an aesthetic hedge, which one does not need to prune and which promotes biodiversity.

Landscaping with more or less maintenance

Another parameter to take into account, the time you want to devote to the maintenance of your garden. If you prefer a maintenance-free garden/terrace, it is better to avoid strongly developing plants.

The trend is also no longer necessary for a perfectly mowed lawn, with more and more homeowners limiting the mowing of grass (or mowing higher) or even leaving part of their lawn in. flowery meadow, which limits maintenance while promoting biodiversity.

Finally, if you favor plants that require less water, watering will be reduced. The trick of landscapers? Mulch at the foot of the beds, which limits watering and weeding.