How to Make a Statement With Gold Statement Jewellery

Fashionistas and style lovers know that statement jewellery is all about bringing a look to life. The right statement necklace, earrings or rings can transform comfy casual outfits into a style home run. However, they need to walk the fine line between stylish and cheesy, and they also need to reflect the personality of the wearer. Check this out: More info

There are a number of ways to make a statement, but statement necklaces often come in the form of oversized gems or other exotic materials. They can also be in unusual shapes or designs that draw the eye to themselves without being too gaudy. They may even feature a mix of different colours or textures.

Maintaining the Brilliance: Caring for Your Gold Statement Jewelry

This gold-plated beauty is a stunning example of this trend. It features a variety of beaded gems in a clustered pattern that adds up to a bold yet intricate look. The rose gold-plated accents complement this piece perfectly. The design is a nod to historical Egyptian jewellery, but it is definitely modern in its feel and appearance.

If you are looking to buy a gift for the fashionista in your life, consider this artistic masterpiece. The colourful crystal beads blend beautifully and create a remarkable impact. This is a statement piece that will get all eyes on your neckline and can grace just about any dress.

The layered waterfall effect in this piece makes it a must-have. The chain consists of 15 pieces that are carefully arranged for an impressive aesthetic. It’s a perfect choice for someone who wants to dress up for a formal occasion and enjoy the compliments that will follow.