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The idea of Northern CA can scare many homeowners – this is hardly surprising given the amount of horror stories that float around online. However, the truth is that the vast majority of those stories are based on misperceptions or simply flawed science. In reality, spray foam is a very effective insulation material. It’s also incredibly safe when it’s installed properly.

Closed and open cell spray foam both offer excellent R-value per inch, which is the measure of resistance to heat flow through a material. Both types can be applied in the same way to new and existing wall construction.

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When spray foam is sprayed it creates pockets that make it hard for air to move through the insulator, thereby blocking draughts and making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. It’s also a quick and easy option to install, and it’s much more flexible than traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

The R-values of conventional batting and other insulation materials are rated based on their ability to resist conduction (heat transfer through solid molecules). However, conduction only accounts for 20% of your home’s heat loss. The other 80% is lost through convection (air flow) between hot and cold areas.

The best choice for your project will depend on the size of the space, your skill set and budget. DIY kits are available for those who want to tackle a smaller job themselves, but professional insulation contractors will be able to complete the work more quickly and neatly and ensure that the foam is properly applied. They can also advise you on which type of insulation is best suited to your unique climate zone and structure.

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