Digital Signage Software for Schools


digital sigange softwre for schools is a great way to share information quickly and effectively. Instead of traditional bulletin boards, you can set up a network of screens around the campus to display schedules and notices. In addition, you can use screen templates to automate content and provide consistency with messaging throughout your school. You can also use screens to broadcast news, events and alerts.

Enhance Communication with Digital Signage Software for Schools

With a top-rated digital sign solution, you can manage your school’s screens remotely from a central content management system (CMS). This way, school staff can update the display on a screen-by-screen basis even if they are in administration buildings on the other side of campus. Some solutions, such as UPshow, also offer role-based account profiles to allow various staff members access the system.

Using the right software can also make it easy to show scholastic RSS feeds on your school’s screens. For example, you can use a screen in your science lab to show NASA RSS feeds that are both informative and engaging for students. You can also use screens in cafeterias to promote healthy food choices, table etiquette, and more.

Digital displays can also be used to keep staff and students motivated by displaying recognition of achievement messages, school timetables, safety instructions or alerts. With modern communication tools like Navori, schools can replace old-fashioned ways of sharing information and keep everyone on the same page.