Decorating Ideas And Tricks For A Home Party

If you plan to throw a party, just as you think about the drinks and cocktails that you will offer to your guests, something to eat or the essential music for your friends to dare to dance, you also have to plan how you are going to distribute the space and what decorative elements do you need to achieve that festive atmosphere that you want to create.

Regardless of the reason for the party, there are some basic, very simple guidelines and tricks that will help you and your guests feel at ease.

Be aware of the space you have (be careful with the excessive number of invitations!) And make the most of it. If your living room is not too big, remove it as much as possible from furniture and leave only the essentials. Reduce the number of seats by half for your guests (if everyone were to sit at once, the party would be very boring!).

The furniture assistants will be of great help in the decoration and distribution space in your party. It is preferable to place two or three auxiliary tables than the main one. Place them where they do not hinder the passage and distribute them so that they are useful to support glasses and create a quiet corner where you can talk (maybe a new couple will come out of your party).

If your living room opens onto a porch or terrace, don’t waste that magnificent extra space you have. You can even create two atmospheres, one more calm outside ( chill-out style, with plants, candles, cushioned seats …) and another interior where you can improvise a dance floor.

Pay attention to lighting; it is also part of the decoration and is decisive when creating environments. You can, for example, choose a neutral and natural light and play with spotlights aimed at spaces you want to highlight; opt for neons to give a futuristic air to your party, or place light bulbs of different colors to achieve a ground-breaking disco effect.

To have on hand what you want to offer food and drink, don’t complicate yourself! A sideboard can be transformed into a great buffet bar to have everything at hand and, if you don’t have it, a wooden table supported by two supports and covered by a nice tablecloth will do the same job.

If your party is for a personal celebration of you or your partner (birthday, anniversary, reconciliation …), you can decorate your walls with your funniest photographs. Try to make an original collage that summarizes your story and maybe that of your friends who appear in the photo and are also at the party; they will love to see you!