Decking technology: The Cost and Tips

Working with a board involves several installation options; there is an open and closed installation method. The first method involves fixing the terrace material to the logs using self-tapping screws with an anti-corrosion surface. The closed version includes the use of special clips that allow you to discreetly mount the flooring elements.

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The terrace board is laid in a lagged way in compliance with the installation technology. On the prepared foundation, strong slats or a metal profile are installed, the step of which can be from 40 to 60 cm. It is allowed to install the canvas on the ground with a mandatory clearance of 10 cm, which will not allow moisture to accumulate and ensure air circulation. Taking into account thermal expansion, the terrace should be laid in compliance with the technology and the identical width of the gaps – at least 2 mm.




The decking laying technology assumes several installation options:

  • Seamless method. This technology can only be used when organizing intensive through ventilation of the space under the flooring. The deck is fastened close to each other with the help of secret fasteners on the logs of 30×40 mm. However, due to the high risk of deformation of the decking board, the area should not be more than 8 m2.
  • Suture way. Specialists install the board using special clamps that are supplied with the terrace panels. Such fasteners allow withstanding the installation technology, leaving a uniform seam between the decking.

Tips and tricks for laying the decking

In order not to spoil the terrace board during installation, it is necessary to carefully consider the peculiarities of fastening the canvases. If, during the installation process, the self-tapping screws are tightened or not tightened tightly enough, the decking will be deformed. To prevent the canvas from cracking and breaking, use the technology of seamless or seam laying and securely fix the boards to the logs.

Installation of decking requires maintaining the required distance from any vertical structure to the decking. Laying should be done at a distance of 10 mm. This will allow placing the canvas according to the technology – the panels will not crack or deform when the foundation moves.

It should be borne in mind that the use of material for the board at negative temperatures is prohibited. It is also not worth laying in high humidity. Decking, being outdoors in rainy weather for more than 4 days, may lose its presentable appearance.

The cost of laying decking

The price of installing a decking directly depends on the technology used for the construction of the foundation, bearing pillars, the use of rafter and frame systems that are used to install the board. The base can be monolithic, piled, and tape. The supporting structures are made of timber, metal profiles, and WPC. The final cost of the project is formed depending on the customer’s preferences, deadlines, and working area.