Custom Wall Art – Bring Memories to Life With Canvas Prints and Slate Signs

Personalized wall art can bring your most memorable moments to life. It’s the perfect way to show off your family’s favorite traditions, photos of special occasions and sentimental keepsakes. Discover custom canvas prints, slate signs and other personalized wall art ideas that will reflect your personal style and tell your story.

Does canvas get dirty?

Adding an artistic touch to any room can be a simple and stylish solution to updating your decor. With a range of custom wall art | Canvas N Decor options to choose from, including acrylic prints, metal prints and poster prints, you’ll be sure to find the right style to match your space.

The best thing about customized wall art is that you can choose the size of your print to fit the space perfectly. You can even create a gallery wall with multiple smaller canvas prints to make your space appear larger and more colorful.

Some of the most popular wall art sizes are 12×12 inches, 16×16 inches and 20×20 inches. When choosing your size, be sure to leave at least a few inches on either side of the canvas from other artworks or the edges of walls to ensure that it doesn’t look too crowded.

There are many ways to customize your artwork, and there’s no better place than Mixbook for all of your personalized wall art needs. Our intuitive customization tools make it easy to crop, rotate, zoom and flip the artwork to fit your wall perfectly.

You can also send us a photo reference to get an expert opinion on the perfect canvas for your wall, so don’t hesitate to share! We’ll guide you every step of the way, so you can be confident in your choice!