Commercial Plate Loaded Gym Equipment

Commercial plate loaded gym equipment is the perfect solution for facilities that want to combine the unrestricted feel of free weights with the stability and guidance of selectorized machines. But with so many different types and brands of plate loaded equipment available today, it’s important to understand what each type does and how it differs from the others in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Unlike selectorized machines, which allow you to slide a pin into pre-set weights, commercial plate loaded gym equipment features a weight stack with pulleys and cables that provide resistance for the user. This setup allows for a more natural movement and better mimics the human body, making it ideal for beginners or users who are looking to improve their form and technique.

Understanding Plate Loaded Gym Equipment: Benefits and Uses

In addition to their versatility, most quality commercial plate-loaded gym equipment is also designed for stability and safety. This is because they are built from heavy gauge steel and designed to hold extremely high loads, whereas selectorized machines may have a lower maximum weight capacity that can cause damage or premature wear and tear if pushed too hard.

Another big benefit of commercial plate-loaded strength equipment is that it’s usually much more cost-effective than selectorized machines. This is because you don’t need to pay for individual weight plates, and the same set of plates can be used for both a single-action or dual-action plate loaded machine. This saves on storage space, as well as reducing your overall maintenance costs.