Decorating Ideas And Tricks For A Home Party

If you plan to throw a party, just as you think about the drinks and cocktails that you will offer to your guests, something to eat or the essential music for your friends to dare to dance, you also have to plan how you are going to distribute the space and what decorative elements do you need to achieve that festive atmosphere that you want to create.

Regardless of the reason for the party, there are some basic, very simple guidelines and tricks that will help you and your guests feel at ease.

Be aware of the space you have (be careful with the excessive number of invitations!) And make the most of it. If your living room is not too big, remove it as much as possible from furniture and leave only the essentials. Reduce the number of seats by half for your guests (if everyone were to sit at once, the party would be very boring!).

The furniture assistants will be of great help in the decoration and distribution space in your party. It is preferable to place two or three auxiliary tables than the main one. Place them where they do not hinder the passage and distribute them so that they are useful to support glasses and create a quiet corner where you can talk (maybe a new couple will come out of your party).

If your living room opens onto a porch or terrace, don’t waste that magnificent extra space you have. You can even create two atmospheres, one more calm outside ( chill-out style, with plants, candles, cushioned seats …) and another interior where you can improvise a dance floor.

Pay attention to lighting; it is also part of the decoration and is decisive when creating environments. You can, for example, choose a neutral and natural light and play with spotlights aimed at spaces you want to highlight; opt for neons to give a futuristic air to your party, or place light bulbs of different colors to achieve a ground-breaking disco effect.

To have on hand what you want to offer food and drink, don’t complicate yourself! A sideboard can be transformed into a great buffet bar to have everything at hand and, if you don’t have it, a wooden table supported by two supports and covered by a nice tablecloth will do the same job.

If your party is for a personal celebration of you or your partner (birthday, anniversary, reconciliation …), you can decorate your walls with your funniest photographs. Try to make an original collage that summarizes your story and maybe that of your friends who appear in the photo and are also at the party; they will love to see you!

False Myths About Natural Home Cleaning Tricks

Grandparents’ popular wisdom has transmitted much of the tricks that we use in cleaning the home to parents and these to children, but without any criteria that support them. Some of them can be completely false and can even cause serious problems.

Bacteria die in the freezer

It is false. The bacteria are still alive at temperatures of -18º. What is certain is that they cannot multiply. However, as soon as food begins to thaw, the bacteria begin to work again. At room temperature, the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes.

Coins and bills are a nest of bacteria

Despite popular belief, it is false. Multiple tests have shown that the copper in the coins even kills bacteria. In banknotes, only a small number of bacteria can survive, since they do not offer adequate living conditions.

It is not necessary to clean the dishwasher because it washes by itself.

It is false. The interior of the dishwasher should be cleaned monthly. It is a perfect place for mushrooms to grow. To avoid this, put a cup of vinegar on the top shelf with nothing else inside and program a complete cycle of washing at a high temperature.

Wearing gloves is more hygienic than hand washing.

False. Keeping gloves clean and dry when stored is vital because they could become very unhygienic. Also, they should be changed regularly at least once a month to minimize bacteria growth. To clean them, a good remedy is to leave them to soak 10-15 minutes in hot water with two tablespoons of vinegar and a little detergent. Then rinse them well and let them dry in a cool place.

The more soap we use, the more cleaning power

Another myth. Interestingly, soap and detergent are great nutrients for bacteria. Not rinsing your hands, dishes, or clothes well can help them grow.

All bacteria are harmful to humans.

It is not true, and in fact, man needs bacteria to live. There are a billion microorganisms on the skin and in our intestines, being only a few pathogens.

Scratched Teflon in pans is carcinogenic.

False. Only scratched Teflon is harmful to humans at temperatures above 260º. From this temperature, the coating called “polytetrafluoroethylene” emits toxic fumes. However, achieving such a temperature is only possible with specific forms of overheating.

Cutting boards are a swarm of bacteria.

It is not true. It does not matter to use a wooden or plastic cutting board as long as you clean it carefully (the wooden ones are perfect, free of odors, rubbing them with half a lemon). Also, the woods contain resins or tannic acids that are germicidal. If you prefer to use plastic boards, washing it at 60º temperature will help you kill bacteria.

The bathroom is the dirtiest part of the house.

Not at all. The fridge or kitchen towels are major sources of bacteria. However, many do not know and do not clean it, but the computer keyboard contains 400 times more germs than the bathroom toilet.

Using the bath towel repeatedly is not a concern.

On the contrary! Wet towels are the ideal habitat for bacteria, so they should be changed frequently and kept dry.

Ideas To Renovate The House For Very Little Money

Is your house crying out for a decorative renovation, but you do not have a budget? Do you want to give a new image to a room in your home, but money is limited? Don’t worry because there are some very simple and practical tricks that the experts at Bruguer recommend to us make a radical change to your home in the most economical way and full color!

Decorate the wall

The first idea is to use the paint to create decorative elements on the wall. A wardrobe, a tree, a headboard, or some original detail in the children’s rooms are fun ways to radically change the image of any room.

Play with color

Another economical option that will completely change the perception of any space is to use different shades of the same color to achieve degradation. Escaping from the same shade, combining it with several from the range, will give you a harmonious combination, completely modifying any interior environment.

Color your furniture

Another very original proposal if you still keep old furniture at home is to update them by painting them in light tones such as lilac or yellow that give them a fresh and renewed touch, they will look like new and only you will know that a touch of paint has been enough to change them!

A different corner

You can choose a corner of the house as the entrance or a reading place to give it a radical change by painting it with a different color from the rest of the wall. A daring option that will not leave any of your guests indifferent! 

Use the paint to decorate the walls

A wardrobe, a tree, a headboard, or some original detail in the children’s rooms are some fun ways to radically change the image of any room.

Play with color on your walls

Escaping from the same shade, combining it with several from the range, will give you a harmonious combination, completely modifying any interior environment.

Use different shades of the same color to paint the walls

Using different shades of the same color to achieve degradation on the walls is a perfect option for the living room.

Paint the furniture

If you still keep old furniture at home, update them by painting them in light tones, and even decorate them with templates of the motif that you like the most, and that best matches the style and decoration of your home.

Add color to the chairs

Take out those old chairs that you kept in the attic and give them color, they will look new!

Create a different reading corner

You can choose a corner of the house as the entrance or a reading place to give it a radical change by painting it with a different color from the rest of the wall. A daring option that will not leave any of your guests indifferent!

Home Safety Tips – Tips For Family Safety, And What To Do If Thieves Break Into Your Home

– Do not accept the entry of strangers. Many times thieves use decoys to gain entry into our homes; they can impersonate people offering sales and / or repairs of home appliance equipment; people who request your collaboration for social works; people who come with a desperate attitude requesting the phone because an emergency has arisen, and ask us to let them in. Do not accept the entrance of these people as they may only be studying inside the house.

– Verify the identification of people who work for public services (Electric Light, Water, Gas, etc.) and be especially suspicious if you have not requested their services, especially if more than one person tries to enter your residence.

– Try to change your daily routines. The thieves frequently study the movements of the members of the houses and can get to know at what time nobody is found, and how long they take to return. Try changing the departure and entry times a bit so you can confuse potential thieves.

– Don’t be predictable. Once the thief is inside the house, they do what you do when you are at home. First, they go to the bedrooms, where most of us keep valuables. Thieves know favorite places to hide valuables: drawers, coolers, mattresses, cookie boxes, etc. Make sure you have somewhere more unpredictable to hide those things of value.

– If you have a firearm, do not fire before fully identifying the target ( if you know how to use it; if not, please DO NOT USE IT !!). If an assailant is injured, keep him subdued with his gun, thus controlling the situation. Do not approach or attempt to search him until the police take charge of the situation or are fully assured that he no longer poses a threat. Be aware that you may be pretending. When you visit the police, it is very important to find out about the situation of the fact that you are armed and submitting someone and their description to avoid possible confusion by the authorities.

– Whenever they are injured or killed in the event, notify the Police and a criminal lawyer of your confidence; do not allow the indiscriminate entry of people, only let the body in charge of criminal investigations enter the scene. If other police forces arrive earlier, ask them to help you preserve the scene, thus preventing evidence from being altered or erased. They prevent the entry of people outside the event such as neighbors, curious, and even police security forces whose presence is not justified. You should understand that when the police arrive, the situation is not yet clear, so your procedure may seem abrupt or impolite. This is logical. Obey them in everything, when the situation is clarified they will be your friends and those who will help you the most. Give your weapon to the Police, do not refuse to testify but say that you will do so with legal assistance, do not tell lies, and do not touch or try to change or place objects or people.

– Make sure that your family group knows first aid, keep a first-aid kit that contains compresses and tourniquets, also have a flashlight, and a small fire extinguisher on hand and next to your phone have a list of emergency telephones (Police, Fire), Ambulances, police stations in your area, etc.)