Popular Fences That are Widely Used Around

There are a million styles of fences, and half the fun of building one is choosing and designing. You will probably see all kinds of fences right in your area.

The construction method shown for the scalloped fence is typical of most fences. If you want to create a different style, here is a summary of the three most popular ones:

Alternative board fence

This fence looks equally good on both sides, is very easy to build, provides good ventilation, and follows the contours of the ground well.

This fence is an example of installing posts without worrying about the height and cutting the posts after the top stringer is nailed down.

Cut the tops of the posts on the alternative board railing to length after the top stringer is nailed. This is a dangerous cut because the saw could fly out of your control. You can use a hacksaw for more safety.

This greatly speeds up the setup of posts. The 1×6 fence boards should be spaced approximately 3-1/2 inches apart on each side (use a jig), though the last few can be modified to fit.

Picket fence

This is one of the easiest fences to make. It provides more visual borders than privacy or protection. Fencing vendors sell a wide range of decorative pickets and related poles.

The posts must be buried to a depth of at least 24 inches and are usually 7 feet long. You can only use rammed earth for the cash register on intermediate posts, but concrete is better and should be used on the corner, end, and gate posts. Standard pickets are 1×4, about 2-1/2 inches apart, and stringers are 27 inches apart at 4 feet. hedge. Use four nails per picket.

Overlapping fence with grating

This is one of the most difficult fences to build, although it is also the one that will save you the most money by making it yourself.

It provides good privacy, is very durable (because of the overlapping boards), is difficult to climb, and looks stylish for slopes. It should descend in steps. A table saw is almost a must to cut thin strips of nails for this fence.

The posts are long and topped with a beveled cover cut on a table saw in this example. You can adapt this design to make the fence fully slatted or fully overlapped with the board—construction details.

Sometimes the work is too big to do it yourself. Sometimes it’s too difficult. Sometimes it’s too dirty, too intimidating, too laborious, too heavy, too smelly, or too many wires sticking out of it (that’s three for me). So, you hire a professional for this.

On the other hand, building a fence is a different job – it’s one job you should leave to yourself. Even if you’ve never done anything more than a doghouse, building a fence is a great DIY project.

Look at the benefits: You don’t need fancy tools; it won’t disrupt your family’s life like some big projects; fences look great, but do not require carpentry skills; and finally, if you screw up (God forbid!), you won’t damage your house.

But the best thing would be your fence. Look at it as you pull up – it’s handsome and impressive. Get up close and wiggle that rack – it’s strong and durable. Put your cheek against the tree and look down the length – this is perfect. And you did it. It also does the practical things you wanted a fence to do in the first place, like keeping your dogs inside or nosy neighbours.

This story will show you how to easily and successfully build a typical wooden fence. You can build plenty of other types of fences, from the simplest prefabricated panel fence to elaborate historical designs. Still, these techniques will help make your fence the “most likely to succeed” project, no matter which one you choose.

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How to Choose the Right Alternative to a Chain Link Fence?

There are many types of fences out there, but the best for your home are typically chain link fences. Chain link fences are strong, durable, and easy to maintain. They’re also a great option if you have a small yard or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to get your dog to clear the fence. However, some people are against chain link fences because they make the home look like a prison.

What are the pros and cons of chain link fences?Green Grass

The pros of chain link fences are that they are strong, durable, and easy to maintain. They’re also a great option if you have a small yard or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to get your dog to clear the fence. However, some people are against chain link fences because they make the home look like a prison. The cons of chain link fences are that they can be difficult to see from the outside, they’re not as sturdy as other types of fences, and they can be difficult to get your dog to clear the fence.

How much should you pay for a chain-link fence?

The price of a chain-link fence will vary depending on the type of fence, the size of your yard, and the type of chain link used. Generally speaking, a chain link fence will cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per foot.

Which type of fence is best for your home?

Chain link fences are the best type of fence for your home because they’re strong, durable, and easy to maintain. They look great and are a great option if you have a small yard or don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to get your dog to clear the fence.

How do you choose the right chain link fence for your home?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right chain link fence for your home. The first thing you’ll need to decide is the type of fence you want. There are two types of fences- chain link and barbwire. Chain link fences are typically more durable than barbwire fences, and they’re also more expensive. They can be a little harder to keep up with, but they’re usually more resistant to damage.

If you have a small yard or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to get your dog to clear the fence, a chain-link fence is an excellent option.

Chain link fences are a popular choice for home security. Still, they can also be a costly investment factor to consider when choosing a chain-link fence, include:

  • The cost of materials.
  • The type of fence you want to purchase.
  • The layout of your home.

If you can find a cheaper alternative that meets your needs, do so!

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What Are The Different Stages Of Project Management?

Side view of crop focused businesswoman in eyeglasses with pen in hand making report of financial results while working on computerProject management is the process of managing an endeavour that is usually time-bound and it has one or more deliverables. The stages include initiation, planning, execution and close down phases.

The project life cycle follows a typical pattern which is a logical progression that each project goes through before finally ending at some point.

Initiation stage

This is the first step towards any project and involves getting approval for same from superior levels within the organization. It also involves defining what the main purpose of undertaking this initiative will be as well as who will be involved with delivering outcome(s) required to achieve stated goals A clear understanding should also be reached on any legal implications as well as organizational environmental factors that may impact the project at a later stage.

Planning and scheduling

This is the step where details for how to move forward from this point onwards are worked out and agreed upon by all concerned parties within the organization. Detailed plans should be drawn up in respect of the action required to carry out all goals that were set for this initiative during the initiation phase. Decisions need to be made regarding who will handle what part of the workload is involved with carrying out these tasks. Well defined schedules also need to be determined regarding when each task should begin as well as how long it will take before goal(s) can be achieved successfully.


This phase involves taking into account decisions made during earlier phases such as the planning stage above. The details outlined during the planning stage are now implemented and carried out. This means that all tasks as laid out in the planning phase will be done at appropriate times throughout this execution phase. The project manager needs to oversee each task being carried out so that those responsible for carrying out these actions do things in the manner agreed upon during the planning phase as well as what was determined for schedule development within this same earlier step.

During this execution phase, it is also important to look after the day to day activities of the team members involved with ensuring successful outcomes are realized by carrying out all agreed-upon tasks. Also, assess if any new changes need to be made based on unforeseen circumstances which may arise while attempting to accomplish goals set forth for this initiative during the initiation stage of a project life cycle.

Close down

Concentrated female manager in casual outfit and eyeglasses reading message on smartphone while sitting at table with laptop in cozy workspaceThis is the final stage in terms of carrying out any project. The purpose here is to carry out all final tasks required for bringing this initiative to an end. Any remaining work leftover at this point should be wrapped up and properly closed out. This includes deciding whether or not lessons learned during this time will need to be transferred into some sort of archival format so that they can benefit others within the organization as well as those outside these same walls who may have similar needs or goals when it comes to undertaking projects which are similar in nature to one(s) just completed. It’s also a good idea during the closedown phase to take inventory on how much money was spent compared with what was originally budgeted for carrying out said task(s).

One thing which should be kept in mind when discussing the project life cycle is that as one(s) is undertaken, it will be necessary to revisit these earlier steps to make revisions and adjustments so that any new information gathered can have a positive impact on future projects.

Prepping Your Deck For Winter

Fall is quickly approaching, and if you don’t take measures to protect your deck now, it could be in bad shape by spring. Here are some tips to help make sure your deck stays beautiful during the cold weather ahead…

Well before the first frost hits [and you can check out our article on frost depth here ], treat your deck with a water repellent . This will help keep moisture from seeping into the wood. Most experts recommend applying a new coat of product every year—especially if there are high levels of salt in the area where you live. You should also inspect your deck for peeling paint or damaged wood that needs replacing before winter arrives.

When fall arrives, clean all dirt and debris off your deck using a pressure washer . This is a great time to sand any rough spots on the wood.

Remember, salt damages decks and causes paint to peel, so make sure to rinse your deck with an anti-icing agent after it’s clean and dry from cleaning. This will help prevent salt damage during winter months. If you live in a state where salts are not used for de-icing purposes, using an anti-rust agent instead is recommended.

Doors and windows should be weatherproofed before winter hits as well—especially if they’re made of wood or fiberglass. Water can find its way inside easily through doorjambs or cracks around window frames and cause serious damage over time. For doors, Teflon tape or fiberglass cloth sealant is a great way to stop drafts. For windows, use special weather stripping around the outside of the glass and put plastic film or storm windows over your inside windows.

Take a look at your gutters and make sure they’re clean before snow starts flying, too—because if not, you could have a major problem on your hands when it comes time for cleanup. You don’t want ice buildup in your gutters because it can cause water damage in other parts of your home.

A bad winter storm can take down power lines and trees in an instant. Be sure you know what to do if that happens to you .

Lastly, don’t forget about safety! Snow-covered decks are extremely slippery and dangerous places—especially when it’s really cold outside. If you are looking for deck builders in Orlando, McNish is the right company for you.

What A Modern Bathroom Should Look Like

White Bathtub on White Tile Bathroom Near Brown Framed Clear Glass WindowThe choice of bathroom interior should be approached very carefully. When realizing your desires and ideas, you should take into account the available opportunities. To create a modern bathroom that is comfortable and cozy, you need to deal with important points such as accessories, design, and proper placement of all plumbing fixtures. The task is not easy because certain square meters have a huge impact on the implementation of your ideas. Of course, you can create coziness and beauty in a small bathroom, and you just need to think over everything very well.

Bathroom renovation frequency

Basically, renovations in the bathroom do not happen often. All due to the fact that this work is laborious. Therefore, the interior design needs to be thought over for the future, also to decide on the material for repair, equipment, and even small accessories. Of course, it is impossible to plan the perfect bath forever; the trends of the times will always make their own adjustments. Someone considers the bathtub to be the place where exclusively hygienic procedures are carried out and uses only the shower. But someone wants to equip the bath so that it can be in it like in a resort.

Important aspects in bathroom interior design

In order to approach the issue with the design of an apartment in a bathroom, one should not forget about the convenience and functionality of your bathroom. And of course, she should look beautiful and modern. Remember that there is high humidity in the bathroom, and many accessories from it should not deteriorate. Therefore, all materials must be durable, beautiful, and practical. Determine how you would like to see the bathroom, and compare these calculations with your real meters. Think about whether a room that has its shape and size is right for you. Perhaps, in order to obtain more free space, some kind of partition should be demolished.

Style selection

Determine the style in which you want to see the bath; this is necessary so that you can choose the right material for the walls and floor. Today there are many styles, and it will not be difficult to choose from the abundance if you do not dream of something beyond. Don’t be afraid to experiment and improvise – play with colors. It all depends on a person’s taste and color perception. Only a large selection of materials and accessories will enable you to create a comfortable, modern, and comfortable bathroom.

Features of installation and dismantling

It should be noted right away that the installation and dismantling of all plumbing must be entrusted to a professional when renovating an apartment. Plumbing today is not very cheap, and if you do it yourself, then at the slightest inaccuracy in the calculations, there can be bad consequences, which then one way or another will result in financial losses.

Floor laying – what to choose?

Ceramic tiles are more often used as a material for floors and walls. Another popular material is a natural stone, mosaic, moisture-resistant wall panels are also used, and there is also washable wallpaper in the arsenal. These materials are well suited for bathroom equipment; they are durable and waterproof. Still, the most practical option is ceramic tiles. When choosing tiles for the floor, pay attention to the matte option because the gloss in the bath is not the best solution. On a glossy floor, you can easily slip and get injured. If you have any sloped surfaces, it is better to use anti-slip tiles. Remember, tiles do not keep warm, which means that the bathroom floor will remain cold. This issue can be solved with a soft and cozy rug. But it must be taken into account that the tiles are first laid on the floor, and only then on the walls. And it is best to give preference to a bright decor. Experiment with rich, vibrant hues.

What does it take to make a bathtub modern?

To make the bathtub modern, you need to use all the latest fashion and high functionality of equipment and facing materials. Today, slatted ceilings are most suitable for installation in bathrooms. You can mount small lamps in them, which will create even greater coziness.

Bath or shower

Round White and Gray Ceramic Bathtub Inside Brown RoomBetter to pay attention to the cast iron bath. These baths are durable, will not fade for a long time and will not lose color, and have a high heat capacity. But if you come to the choice of a modern bathtub, then it is better to opt for acrylic bathtubs. These baths are equipped with a variety of devices. They are hygienic, easy to clean, and bacteria-free.

If you have a small bathroom, or you do not like to take a bath, then a shower stall will be your best choice. It needs a little space; it washes well and is quite functional. The shower stall can be chosen both in terms of money and functions. What kind of shower stall to choose is up to you, but it is best to consult a professional about this or with any acquaintance who already has such equipment.


Landscaping: What Type Of Garden To Choose From?

Deciding to entrust your garden landscaping to a landscape professional is to ensure a result that meets your expectations. Type of garden desired, maintenance, plants, equipment. Landscaping Austin tx takes stock of the questions to be asked upstream to make your garden project a success.

The garden or terrace should resemble its owners. All the questions we ask owners at landscaping Austin tx must allow them to define their project in order to adapt perfectly to their tastes and expectations, and in town and in the countryside, desires may differ. Some people, particularly in the region, may dream of a country-style garden, a garden with the air of the countryside in the city. It will be rather unstructured, with a lot of flowers.

In another style, the contemporary garden consists of very graphic plants, for example, grasses, and uses a reduced plant palette, with only 5 or 6 plants. It makes extensive use of mineral decoration with decorative black and gray pebbles and even spheres, i.e., marble balls, placed on white pebbles, to create a beautiful contrast. Finally, you may also want a more classic ‘French-style’ garden, which will be very structured thanks to hedges and beds.

Plants adapted to the terrain

There is what you want to do … but also what you can do depending on the ground or the exposure of your outdoor space. Soil analysis is essential. Depending on the region in which you are located, on limestone or clay soil, you will not plant the same plants.”

Likewise, some Mediterranean plants that do not like waterlogged soils are not recommended in clay soils. Climate and exposure also play an important role in the choice of plants.

Think about his way of living your garden

The garden or patio has become the fifth room in the house, and the way you live will influence the landscaping. Should there be a patio or rest areas, do you want a superb ceremonial lawn? A table for lunch with family or friends? A barbecue area?

It is also important to know if the family has children, especially at a young age. If so, we will, of course, avoid toxic plants if ingested, such as oleander or low stinging plants like cacti or yucca rostrata.

In urban areas, the question of vis à vis owners who intend to preserve their intimate space is also often raised. Various solutions are then possible, starting with hedges, but rather than traditional cedar hedges, which require a lot of maintenance, we at landscaping Austin tx prefer to recommend country hedges. Composed of several species, there is always one that is flowered for an aesthetic hedge, which one does not need to prune and which promotes biodiversity.

Landscaping with more or less maintenance

Another parameter to take into account, the time you want to devote to the maintenance of your garden. If you prefer a maintenance-free garden/terrace, it is better to avoid strongly developing plants.

The trend is also no longer necessary for a perfectly mowed lawn, with more and more homeowners limiting the mowing of grass (or mowing higher) or even leaving part of their lawn in. flowery meadow, which limits maintenance while promoting biodiversity.

Finally, if you favor plants that require less water, watering will be reduced. The trick of landscapers? Mulch at the foot of the beds, which limits watering and weeding.

Where to find the best scuba dive sites in the Middle East

With an astonishing loot of underwater attractions to explore and improved access to famous
dive sites, this is the perfect time to dive into the waters of the Middle East. Here are the best
dive sites in the region, from famous reclaimed sites to emerging destinations.

Dive in the Red Sea
Famous for its incredible diversity, excellent visibility – 30 m or more than average – and the
the resilience of its coral in the face of rising sea temperatures, the Red Sea is the most popular
dive destination in the Middle East, and for good reason.

With tourism still picking up in Egypt’s South Sinai dive sites (and with the UK calling for
direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh to be restored), it’s a good time to avoid crowds at big
resorts like Sharm El Sheikh, which offers the best access to the Thistlegorm, a sunken
World War II freighter considered one of the most famous sunken diving ships in the world;
and Ras Mohammed National Park, with its superb wall diving.

Popular thanks to its Blue Hole, Dahab, more bohemian and 100 km north of Sharm El
Sheikh makes a strong return to the diving scene. However, many divers say that the best
diving in Egypt is near the resort of Marsa Alam, the starting point for excursions to
Elphinstone Reef, where more experienced divers can spot oceanic whitetip and hammerhead
sharks. One of the best operators in the region is Red Sea Diving Safari.

Not many pelagic species are seen in the extreme north of the Red Sea, the reefs near Eilat,
in Israel and Aqaba, in Jordan, show clear signs of recovery after increased protection
measures promoted by both countries in recent years.
In Eilat, there are a couple of sunken vessels for diving ( Aqua Sport International organizes
dives in them), but the best are near Aqaba, in particular the Cedar Pride, a Lebanese
freighter that, in 1985, was deliberately sunk as an artificial reef. by order of King Abdullah
II, promoter of the Jordanian diving industry. One of the most reputable operators in the city
is Dive Aqaba.

Possibly the hottest destination on the Red Sea right now is Saudi Arabia. Offering diving
along the western coast of the country, almost unexplored is more accessible than ever (and
also, there is currently no prohibition that prevents men and women together buceen).
The tourist visas to Saudi Arabia have recently been activated and visitors will find a number
of clubs official diving at resorts in Jeddah and Yanbu, with large enclaves submariners
including Boiler Wreck near Jeddah, with its coral huge fan and stingrays (a good operator is
Desert Sea Divers ), and Seven Sisters, an area where hammerhead sharks live and best
explored with a Dream Diver dive cruise.
Best time to dive in the Red Sea

You can dive all year round, although the best time to see whitetip sharks is between October
and January, while hammerhead sharks are seen between June and September. Whale shark
season runs from May to July.

Dive in the Persian Gulf
The urban development of the coastline, the lack of coral, and the consequences of oil
extraction in the states of the Persian Gulf coast does not make this area the best diving
destination in the world, but the region has several interesting shipwrecks.

Among the pile of sunken ships on the outskirts of the port of Dubai, most divers stand out
the Zaineb, the MV Ludwig and the MV Dara – a passenger ship that, in 1961, suffered the
second-largest maritime disaster in the world after the Titanic, with an explosion that sank it
– among the best. They can be visited with Al Boom Diving.

Off the southern coast of Iran, the island of Kish is one of the region’s emerging dive
destinations, with interesting sites including Southern Crack, a coral reef inhabited by moray
eels, and Sambaron, famous for its colorful coral. The veteran Kish Diving Center offers
dives in the area, but men and women are required to dive separately.
Best time to dive in the Persian Gulf
You can dive all year round, but to enjoy maximum comfort and visibility, both under the sea
and on the surface, it is advisable to avoid the peak months of summer and winter.

Dive in the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea

Fujairah, the only UAE emirate that only has a coastline on the Gulf of Oman, has more
marine life in its dive sites than the Gulf Emirates (Al Boom has a dive center in Al Aqah ),
and after announcing its plans in 2018 to build the world's largest artificial reef of its
shores seem destined to become the most exciting diving destination in the region.
Although it is possible to dive from a traditional dhow in the rich waters of Musandam (it is a
good idea to book with Al Marsa in Dibba), in Oman, the most popular diving area in the
The Persian Gulf is Muscat. The Daymaniyat Islands, a major hawksbill breeding area near
Muscat, are one of the favorite spots for divers. Another enclave accessible from the capital is
Al Fahal Island, popular for its mobula mantas, blacktip sharks and a vessel, the 84 m long Al
Monastir , sunk by the Omani navy in Bandar Khayran in 2003 and which attracts colorful
nudibranchs, a type of sea slug.

Further south, Mirbat, a city on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is one of the few places in the
world where you can see coral and seaweed gardens (at least, in the summer months). But the
area is famous for the 22 species of dolphins and whales that live in it; between January and
April there is even the possibility of diving with an orca. Extra Divers has dive centers in
Muscat and Mirbat. The neighboring Hallaniyat Islands are also a great spot for diving with
whales, and the best way to visit them is onboard a diving cruise (a good option is a Dive
Worldwide ).

Best time to dive in the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea
Diving is possible all year round, except in the south, where the monsoon season (or khareef,
as it is known in the region) forces almost all dive centers to close between June and
September. From April to May and from September to October there is the best combination
of surface and sea ​​temperatures for diving in the north, with May being the best month for
visibility, and September and November the best months for diving with whale sharks.

Decking technology: The Cost and Tips

Working with a board involves several installation options; there is an open and closed installation method. The first method involves fixing the terrace material to the logs using self-tapping screws with an anti-corrosion surface. The closed version includes the use of special clips that allow you to discreetly mount the flooring elements.

decking San Antonio

The terrace board is laid in a lagged way in compliance with the installation technology. On the prepared foundation, strong slats or a metal profile are installed, the step of which can be from 40 to 60 cm. It is allowed to install the canvas on the ground with a mandatory clearance of 10 cm, which will not allow moisture to accumulate and ensure air circulation. Taking into account thermal expansion, the terrace should be laid in compliance with the technology and the identical width of the gaps – at least 2 mm.




The decking laying technology assumes several installation options:

  • Seamless method. This technology can only be used when organizing intensive through ventilation of the space under the flooring. The deck is fastened close to each other with the help of secret fasteners on the logs of 30×40 mm. However, due to the high risk of deformation of the decking board, the area should not be more than 8 m2.
  • Suture way. Specialists install the board using special clamps that are supplied with the terrace panels. Such fasteners allow withstanding the installation technology, leaving a uniform seam between the decking.

Tips and tricks for laying the decking

In order not to spoil the terrace board during installation, it is necessary to carefully consider the peculiarities of fastening the canvases. If, during the installation process, the self-tapping screws are tightened or not tightened tightly enough, the decking will be deformed. To prevent the canvas from cracking and breaking, use the technology of seamless or seam laying and securely fix the boards to the logs.

Installation of decking requires maintaining the required distance from any vertical structure to the decking. Laying should be done at a distance of 10 mm. This will allow placing the canvas according to the technology – the panels will not crack or deform when the foundation moves.

It should be borne in mind that the use of material for the board at negative temperatures is prohibited. It is also not worth laying in high humidity. Decking, being outdoors in rainy weather for more than 4 days, may lose its presentable appearance.

The cost of laying decking

The price of installing a decking directly depends on the technology used for the construction of the foundation, bearing pillars, the use of rafter and frame systems that are used to install the board. The base can be monolithic, piled, and tape. The supporting structures are made of timber, metal profiles, and WPC. The final cost of the project is formed depending on the customer’s preferences, deadlines, and working area.

Tips For Buying A Beach House

Although it seems obvious, you must identify the needs that you are going to cover or the problems that can be caused by choosing one type of housing or another. If you want a vacation home to gather with friends and family, you should opt for those that are larger and have several rooms where you can locate all those with whom you want to live your vacation. Homes with large patios or terraces will allow the house to vent and have extra space for parties or barbecues. If you vacation alone or with your partner, the option of an apartment will avoid you having to worry about cleaning as it is easier to maintain, and you can enjoy more free time.

What services do you need?

It is important that when evaluating the purchase of a home, you analyze the needs that you are going to have depending on the type of family you are. In the case of having small children, the home must be located near parks and gardens, pharmacies or health centers, pedestrian spaces, etc. If you are not going to be able to have a car, you should check that there are services such as shops and supermarkets close to your residence. In many cases, a house with a community pool is a good option for families who do not want to be coming and going from the beach loaded with bags, umbrellas, towels, and children. Living near the sea and having a swimming pool to calm the summer heat is an option for many families. Are you one of them?

Hire a realtor

If you are looking for a beach house for this vacation, don’t worry about everything and put yourself in the hands of professionals who will help you find the home you need. Why ? because they can advise you at every step of the sale of your property. Because they know the area, and they will know how to easily locate that home that fits what you need. Because you can solve any legal question that arises. Because they will negotiate for you until you get a more adjusted price and because you can forget about the most cumbersome to focus on enjoying the acquisition of your house on the beach.

Three Tips To Clean And Disinfect Your Home And Make It A Safe Place

This weekend has been one of the most homelike in memory. The #StayOnHome has been a simple but very clear, message that for days has become part of the lives of millions of people worldwide while fighting the expansion of the Coronavirus. Now, more than ever, it is key to make the house a safe and adequate place capable of welcoming us in the best possible way until the end of the emergency. 

The company has relied on its experts in domestic and industrial cleaning to come up with a list of tips to follow to help clean the house and remove any germs and bacteria. It is a process called “sanitization,” which means the simultaneous application of two steps: cleaning and disinfection of any surface.

Choosing the right products

Disposable products such as paper can be used, accompanied by equipment capable of emitting steam, since thermal shock allows the total elimination of pathogens. But also chemical products are suitable for cleaning up the environment, the choice of the right detergent depends on the type of dirt: to remove lime, for example, you must use products based on hydrochloric acid; for fat or fatty residues, it is advisable to use a product such as bleach or degreaser. Avoid mixing the two product categories, as there is a risk of poisoning.

Tissue sanitation

The experts’ advice in the case of removable and washable fabrics is to perform a machine wash at a temperature of at least 70 ° to ensure the elimination of viruses.

For fabrics and upholstery that cannot be machine washed, we recommend using steam equipment and vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter and a collection compartment, capable of filtering even the smallest particles.

Cleaning frequency

It is advisable to carry out the operations indicated by the experts daily. The last advice is to follow the main indications suggested by the WHO: use ethanol (alcohol) with at least a 75% concentration or chlorine products (common bleach) at 1%. If you cannot carry out these practices independently, the suggestion remains valid to trust the professionals in the sector, in possession of all the legal requirements and the specific equipment for this type of intervention.