Anonymous IP Proxy Database

Anonymous IP proxy database connections help users hide their original Internet Protocol (IP) address from websites and servers. These proxies act as intermediaries between the user and the content they are browsing, allowing them to circumvent geo-restrictions or avoid being tracked online by masking their location.

What are anonymous proxy servers?

Anonymous proxies are a valuable tool in both personal and enterprise applications. They can be used for bypassing geo restrictions, overcoming privacy policies, running multiple social media accounts, and more. However, they do not offer complete anonymity and can still be detected by some websites.

IPQS’s proprietary methods identify a wide range of risky shared connections, including residential proxies, VPN anonymizers, TOR exit nodes, and hosting providers & data centers. Our proxy detection data set flags IP addresses associated with these connections and offers unparalleled accuracy, minimizing false-positives and detecting risky behavior with milliseconds of analysis.

Whether you’re managing a website, mobile application, or ecommerce platform, it is important to monitor for users connecting via VPNs and proxies to avoid bypassing geo-restrictions and other security policies. Our anonymous proxy detection database flags IP addresses associated with these types of connections and can be used to detect suspicious activity without impacting genuine users.